Step 1 – Provide Project Details to Modular Solutions

Provide Modular Solutions with details of your project including plans, specifications, project location, and elevations –if available (if a non-disclosure is needed please let us know, keep in mind we work with a variety of projects and clients and all information is treated as confidential and will be protected).

Step 2 – Acknowledgement Receipt of Information

Your designated project manager will contact you and confirm that your information has been received and clarify any needed additional information, once additional  information is received, we will immediately begin the pricing process and provide you with an anticipated bid completion date.

Step 3 – Receive Pricing & Select Manufacturer

Your designated project manager will schedule a conference call to present you with your completed detailed bids, discuss each bid and the merits of each bidding facility and answer any questions you may have and determine the which facilities best fit your needs. In many cases we recommend that you visit and tour the selected short list of manufacturers, which can help, establish a solid comfort level for you in moving forward and selecting the right manufacturing facility.

Step 4 – Contracting

Once you have selected a manufacturer, contracts will be generated by the manufacturing facility, which will detail the project’s payment terms and the manufacturers explicit scope of work, construction time frames, engineering, architectural etc.

Step 5 – Construction & Delivery

Once all documents have been approved and terms have been met, engineering and design completed, construction will begin. Modular Solutions will remain your liaison and advocate throughout the entire process insuring all facets of the modular construction are in accordance with your project’s details and specifications. Modular Solution’s designated project manager will keep you informed of construction status and all elements of the factory construction process. A Modular Solutions representative will inspect your completed units at the factory prior to shipment confirming all contracted items are included and quality levels are met. You are encouraged and welcome to also inspect these units at the production facility prior to shipment.