Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I pay Modular Solutions for their services?
A. No. The manufacturing facility compensates Modular Solutions directly and essentially treats Modular Solutions as an extension of their own sales departments.

Q. How long will it take me to get pricing?
A. In some cases pricing can be provided in as little as a few days and in other cases a few weeks, the factories response time will be predicated by their existing pricing backlogs and the difficulty of your buildings and their specifications, in either case you will be informed early on the process as to when you can expect pricing.

Q. Will the manufacturer reimburse my travel expenses if I decide to visit and tour the plant before making my decision?
A. In almost all cases the selected manufacturing facility will reimburse you for reasonable expenses after your project is completed.

Q. What can I expect as far as payment terms?
A. Most facilities require a minimum of 25% deposit prior to the commencement of construction with the balance due prior to shipment.

Q. Will the factory design and engineer my building?
A. The majority of manufacturers provide in house design services and engineering for the modular structure. The manufacturer typically provides foundation load points and necessary information to a licensed engineer for the jurisdiction in which the building(s) will be sited.

Q. Can I have a modular building built for destinations other than Canada and the USA?
A. Absolutely, many of our strategic partnerships are with manufacturers familiar with international construction.

Q. How many stories tall can a modular building be?
A. In many cases depending on seismic requirements a stick (wood framed) modular building can be as tall as 4 stories. When built using steel a modular building has been built to 22 stories with the capability of even taller construction.

Q. I am looking for work camp type units; can I get sled type units without wheels?
A. Yes, many of our manufacturing facilities offer this type of construction.

Q. Are all modular buildings permanent structures?
A. We have many units that are constructed as temporary structures with the ability to be moved and reset many times. Some are a simple single module and others are much more complicated with many modules making up the structure, in all cases, the initial design and use dictates whether the building can be reset and still be structurally sound.

Q. How long will it take to get my 60-unit hotel built?
A. The best way to answer this question is to compare construction time frames to that of conventional site built. You can recognize overall construction time-savings of at least one third or more in some cases.