Direct Access

Modular Solutions provides a direct access to factory built structures without the added layers of expense when purchasing through brokers retailer and dealers. With your access to direct factory purchasing your project dollars go toward more amenities and a superior value.

Strategic Partnerships

Through our strategic partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers in the USA and Canada, constructing every conceivable modular product, we provide a substantially diverse selection of products resulting in an exact fit for your project’s needs.


With Modular Solution’s expertise our approach to modular construction enables you to achieve a value driven bottom line cost efficiently from capable quality driven manufacturers without having to do all the legwork. We have already done it for you.

Modular Applications: 

-  Multi-Family High Density
-  Hotels
-  Motels
-  Assisted Living High Density
-  Dormitory
-  Senior Housing
-  Apartments
-  Single family
-  Multi-Family Low Density Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex

-  Subdivisions
-  Cottages
-  Resorts
-  Mobile Home Parks
-  Affordable Housing
-  Schools
-  Classrooms
-  Conference Centers
-  Daycare
-  Medical Office

-  Healthcare
-  Worship
-  Workforce Housing
-  Kitchens & Dinning Halls
-  Washrooms
-  Work Site Offices
-  Portables
-  Retail
-  Man Camps, Industrial & Agricultural