Minimizing costs and maximizing returns

Modular systems are pre-engineered building units that are manufactured separately off site and joined together to form a complete structure on site.

Modular construction is ideal for buildings such as hotels, multi-family housing, large-scale housing developments and worker accommodations, where quality control and rapid construction are emphasized. These can be low rise or high-rise projects.

Modular structures are some of the fastest to construct, saving builders time and cost. The real benefit of building with modular units is that you speed up construction without sacrificing quality control. Every unit is manufactured with precision so that when all the units are assembled together, the final structure is marked by design consistency.

Plus manufacturing modular units produces much less waste, almost half as much when compared to typical site built methods of construction. End result is that more investment capital is applied to actual product than wasted on scrap.

Cut time and cost without cutting quality.

Modular buildings can come in a variety of shapes, though they are usually rectangular for easier production and assembly. Each modular unit may contain several factory-finished rooms, including bedrooms; bathrooms; kitchens; lounges; and even stairwells. These fully serviced rooms are connected onsite with risers and corridors.

All of these specifications are laid out in a design template. The template is then applied to manufacturing a high volume of units for onsite installation, thus accelerating the steps to project completion.

Modular systems are appealing to large-scale building developers due their short construction time. Because they go up so quickly, developers can expect to receive an early return on capital investment. With the reduction in overall financing costs and an early return, cash flow is considerably improved. Not to mention the pricing certainty that comes with constructing a modular structure.

Manufacturing costs are much less than site constructed with major reductions in labor. Manufacturing and assembly is a repetitive building pattern, minimizing the need to hire a specialty workforce to manufacture.

When it comes time to deliver modular units to the construction site, project managers can expect an extremely reliable delivery timescale. When every unit is designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled the same way, every stage of the project can be scheduled with confidence.

The fastest transition from production to assembly to turnkey.

The modular industry prides itself for providing some of the most innovative and reliable construction technologies in the world, with manufacturing capabilities that stretch globally.

We provide modular products, expertise and technology to developers in regions where geographic issues, limited construction time frames and availability of skilled labor is at a premium or just not available. With the ability to modular units that are 80% to 99% completed when they leave the manufacturing facilities.

Our goal is to provide you the fastest track to project completion, production efficiency, and faster return on investment with every project.

Flexible capabilities meeting a multitude of construction demands.

Whether you are building a simple cottage, an entire housing complex, multi-story hotels or a 1000 person work force housing man camp, modular construction offers the most efficient solution for virtually any project.

Our technologies are increasingly preferred where builders desire a streamlined manufacturing setup, faster assembly, and lower construction costs. These benefits, plus high material quality, consistent production control, and reliable technology make modular construction the right choice.