Our Company in a Nutshell

Modular Solution’s strategic alliances with the multitude qualified modular construction facilities allows you to purchase the modular component for your project factory direct, saving you money.

Modular Solutions allows for a sole source contact to obtain quality, affordable, unbiased information and bids from more than one manufacturing facility or company, thus providing you with construction choices from several qualified quality minded manufacturers.

Modular Solutions experienced team of Project managers handle the entire process for you, eliminating the need for you or your staff to decipher and sort through all the minutiae it takes to get to the bottom line. We provide you with the facts you need to make the right educated and informed decision.

Any structure that can be built in a factory, from a single story 200 square foot simple cottage to 1000 man temporary work camp destined for frigid sub zero temperatures to a100, 000 square foot mixed use contemporary multistory building can be efficiently and affordably constructed using today’s modular construction.

Let our team serve you with honesty, integrity and the sincere desire to provide you with the best modular construction choices available.